Quick start

Let's convert our database by clicking the New project button. It will open up a conversion project wizard. Once we go through wizard, we can run the conversion right away and have our target database ready to use.

We can also opt to save the project for later use. Such saved projects appear in the list of recent projects below and can be opened with a single click.

For this short tutorial, we will copy SQL Server's demo database Adventure Works to PostgreSQL. To convert our database, we will use the conversion wizard, which has 4 steps.

Page 1 of 4: Source database

We will select SQL Server from the list of supported databases.

Page 2 of 4: Target database

We will select PostgreSQL from the list of supported databases and fill in correct connection information. If target database doesn't exist, Full Convert will prompt you if you would like it to create it for you.

Page 3 of 4: Table selection

Page 4 of 4: Project review


Conversion review

Browsing the data

Browsing in external tool

Of course, you can use database management application of your choice to examine target database.