Bulletproof database migration

The easiest way to copy your data to another database

Install Full Convert in a minute and have your data copied over extremely quickly and reliably.

Easy cross-database migration

Save time

Our software is battle-tested and highly optimized.

Remove risk

Considering rolling out your own scripts? That's a significant risk of data errors and omissions. Developer time is expensive - use our expertise instead.

Get your job done

Having been on the market since 2004, Full Convert boasts a wealth of highly specialized knowledge that has been incorporated into its remarkably efficient and user-friendly software.

Customize for your needs

Transform the naming, override the data types, cherry-pick what you want to migrate, and much more.

Schedule and run automatically

Copy everything over night, every night. Or, synchronize the changes every 15 minutes. Compare data between source and target tables whenever you wish.

All popular databases supported

Migrating from your old database? We got you covered.

Our software is designed to shield you from complexity of underlying databases. While you have powerful mapping and customization features at your disposal, your data will be migrated out of the box with no customization needed.

Note: Full Convert is not designed to migrate views, stored procedures, functions and triggers. Use our SQLTran for that.

We handle huge databases

For example, a three billion record table...

Note: Actual throughput depends on database servers, network lag, table structure and other factors. Use our trial version to test in your environment.

Customize all aspects of conversions

From easy selection of a few tables you need to advanced adjustments

While you probably don't need to touch anything at all, we provide you with the levers needed to adjust the conversion to your specific needs. Map schemas and even set your own data type mapping rules. Or, run your custom scripts and commands.

Scheduler makes it easy to run overnight

Recurring conversions are as easy as selecting your saved project and telling us when do you want it run.

Use our built-in scheduler to easily set up conversions to run unattended. Typically, our customers use to copy a production database somewhere when nobody is using it.


If you're looking for exhaustive list of features in the application, here you go.

  • Over 40 database engines supported directly with no drivers needed

  • If we don't support your database directly, we provide ODBC connection you can use

  • There is no limit to the database and table size. Billions of records supported.

  • Automatic data type translation to the closest match in the target database

  • Automatic optimal load mode determined for each table

  • Customizable data type mapping rules

  • Customizable schema mapping rules

  • Customizable casing for tables and columns

  • Six different logs - summary, errors, warnings, whole SQL, failed SQL, JSON

  • Custom script and system commands can be run before or after the conversion

  • Both 32- and 64-bit version applications included

  • Dedicated console application included

  • Email notification on conversion in console mode

  • Table mapping validation

  • Powerful per-table mapping overriding per-project settings

  • Custom WHERE expressions to filter the range of data copied

  • Recreate target tables from scratch or copy the data into existing ones

  • Automatic translation of common default value expressions

  • Automatic detection of incompatible default expressions

  • Quick table de/selection with instant filter and toggle

  • Built-in scheduler for recurring conversions

  • Built-in target database browser

  • Full Unicode support for international character sets

  • Support for additional enterprise-class databases

  • Data comparison between the source and the target database

  • Sophisticated visualization of differences between compared tables

  • One-way synchronization of data for all tables with primary or unique key defined

  • Ability to set a custom row comparison key with automatic uniqueness checking

  • Full support for multi-column row keys

  • Easy verification of data copied during a standard conversion


Frequently asked questions

  • We support over 40 databases at this point and are very likely to support yours. Take a look at the whole list on our databases page.

  • There is no comparison, really. We natively support all popular (and less popular) databases. We took the time to talk to each database directly instead of the easy way of using slow and buggy generic ODBC drivers. Just looking at the performance, features and stability, our software is in a class of it's own. And don't get us started about ease of use and our fantastic user interface...

  • Absolutely! Your source database will be used only for reading and is perfectly safe.

  • For most of the database types, we can and we do. If you don't have the target database when you try connecting, we'll ask you if you'd like us to create it for you.

  • Absolutely - that's the core functionality of this application. We'll create equivalent target tables, copy your data from the source database, then create all indexes and foreign keys.

  • Head over to the purchase page, please.

  • Yes, there is a free trial available at the trial page. Provide an email when activating trial and you'll get full support from our developers.

  • Absolutely. Send an email to support, tell us which timezone you're in and describe what is it you need to achieve. One of our devs will get in touch.

Welcome screen

Welcome screen

Pick your database!

Pick your database!

Source SQL Server connection

Source SQL Server connection

Target PostgreSQL connection

Target PostgreSQL connection

Wizard summary

Wizard summary

Project overview

Project overview

Copying data

Copying data

Creating indexes

Creating indexes

Conversion summary

Conversion summary

Conversion details

Conversion details

Examining target database

Examining target database

Project customization - logs, schema mapping, data type mapping

Project customization - logs, schema mapping, data type mapping

Single table customization - automatic mapping

Single table customization - automatic mapping

Single table customization - manual mapping where we create target table

Single table customization - manual mapping where we create target table

Single table customization - manual mapping where we expect target table to exist

Single table customization - manual mapping where we expect target table to exist

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