About SQL Server Express database

Microsoft SQL Server Express is a free edition of the Microsoft SQL Server relational database server. SQL Express is designed for small-scale applications and local database use. It was known as Microsoft Database Engine (MSDE) when released with SQL Server 2000.

We support SQL Server Express directly in our products! You don't need separate drivers and can immediately connect to your database.

While SQL Server Express is a viable and capable database server, it is limited in resources and functionality in order not to compete with main SQL Server product line. Resource limitations are continuously relaxed in order to keep pace with general software development and expectations. Currently database can be up to 10GB in size and server will use only one CPU (though it will use all cores). SQL Express will only use 1GB of RAM for its user regardless of available RAM on the server.

Even with all the limitations in place, Microsoft SQL Server Express is a capable server for small workloads and modest number of concurrent users. As all free database server variants of commercial servers, it’s intended to lock small businesses in SQL Server use and upgrade them to paid edition once they grow.

As SQL Express is derived from SQL Server and is compatible in connection mechanisms with it, all our applications that work with SQL Server will work perfectly with SQL Express database.

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Please see our solutions for SQL Server, they work with SQL Express as well