About Pervasive PSQL database

Pervasive PSQL is a relational database developed by Pervasive Software mostly used as embedded database. Originally, product name was Btrieve and it was written by Doug and Nancy Woodward.

We support Pervasive directly in our products! You don't need separate drivers and can immediately connect to your database.

Btrieve was acquired by Novell in 1987, but spun off in 1994 as a new company called Btrieve Technogies (led by Doug and Nancy Woodward and Ron Harris). Btrieve Technologies was renamed to Pervasive Software. Pervasive’s greatest strength is reliability. It’s continuously on the market for 30 years and customers report no operational problems with it. While other databases are better-known, Pervasive, being an embedded databases, get less public attention. However, it’s extremely popular and successful. Pervasive Software has 3500 partners worldwide, including 200 OEMs.

Pervasive PSQL has two database engines - relational engine (jallows you to use SQL to work with the database) and transactional engine (known also as MicroKernel Database Engine or MKDE, allows you to go directly to database and bypass SQL altogether). MKDE guarantees valid database state even in event of power loss.