Full Convert plans

For your peace of mind, we offer an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.

License is for a single user and can be assigned to another person anytime.

Full Convert Pro

Almost 50 database formats supported, from the ancient ones to the latest bleeding-edge.
Data movement, data comparison, and change replication.

What's included

  • Support for both commonly used and enterprise-class databases

  • Create target tables automatically

  • Optimal data movement algorithm, taking into account each table structure and target database version

  • Data comparison and difference visualization

  • One-way synchronization. Update your target production database without disruptions.

  • Data movement verification by comparing that data in source and target tables is exactly the same

  • Almost 50 database formats supported

  • Battle-tested, extremely reliable database conversion engine

  • 32-bit and 64-bit version bundled in one installer

  • Console application included for automatization

  • Scheduled jobs

  • Run custom scripts

  • Schema, name, data type, default value customization

  • Six different log files for easy analysis

  • Create target tables or work with existing ones

  • Table-level customization (rename tables and columns, change data types, filter data to copied)...

  • No additional drivers to be installed - start working right away

every 3 months

License, support and upgrades available while subscription active. Cancel anytime.


Questions fréquemment posées

  • If you purchase perpetual license, the version you paid for will never expire and you get to use it as long as you want - it's yours. However, if you purchase a subscription, our software will stop working once you cancel your subscription.

  • Maintenance covers technical support and the right to upgrade the application. You can cancel anytime and keep the version you originally purchased. From that point you can no longer upgrade the application and will need to purchase a new license to pick up the new improvements or get access to customer support. We do not support old versions of our applications, so active maintenance is a prerequisite for us to help you if you hit any issues or have questions.

  • Licenses are per-seat. We allow you to install on a desktop and a laptop machine, providing a single person is using it.

  • Each company needs a separate license, but we offer additional activations for significantly lower price. You can purchase as many additional activations as you have external clients and get a volume discount. Contact us at sales and we'll come up with a fair deal for your specific use.

  • Additional activations allow for easy licensing of additional internal or external users. Each additional activation can be used for a single company only, but is per-seat, meaning you can transfer the activation from one user to another one in the same organization. Each additional activation costs roughly 30% of the list price of the full license.

  • We prefer credit cards, but bank transfers are common with our customers as well. Checks are not accepted.

  • No problem. We work with many resellers and yours probably already has us in their system.

  • We are available for you at +353 1 443 3310 for pre-sale questions only and in European timezones only.

  • Absolutely. Send an email to support, tell us which timezone you're in and describe what is it you need to achieve. One of our devs will get in touch.