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Le moyen le plus simple de copier vos données dans une autre base de données. Nous prenons en charge toutes les bases de données populaires - anciennes, modernes, basées sur des fichiers, relationnelles, sur site et dans le cloud.

Pas sûr si nous soutenons votre base de données? Trouver!

Aider nos clients de plus de 90 pays font leur travail plus rapide et plus facile

Consultants, startups, petites entreprises et 20% de Fortune 100 entreprises utilisent et adorent notre logiciel

It brings us great joy when our customers reach out to express their satisfaction with our product.

“I've been working with Full Convert now for several weeks and have found it to be an exceptional product, even more so when you consider the cost. There was not another product available on the market that supported the conversion of our Paradox legacy database over to MS SQL. In doing so, the support team was the most responsive team that I've encountered in over 30 years developing software, both in terms of communication and software updates. I'm very impressed with the product as well as the dedication and commitment of the employees at Spectral Core.”

Steve Provoyeur
Software Developer - Energy Federation

“Great software, the most useful software I have purchased in the last few years.”

Alaric Battle
MA MCSE | IT Director | Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of California San Francisco

“Full Convert is a great product. Extremely versatile, fast and a really sophisticated with the best user interface I've ever seen. Top!”

Jürgen Breit
dware design & software gmbh

“I have to say I am really impressed by your product and the excellent support you have provided. I can see me looking to purchase more of your products in the future and will definitely be recommending your company and products to my colleagues in the IT Industry.”

Jonathan Cundliffe
HSL Group Holdings Limited

“Thanks for your time on the demo today. We really loved the look of the software and having played with it this afternoon concluded that it's perfect for our needs as well as a joy to use! I've just purchased a Pro licence and look forward getting to work on Paradox.”

Chris Crombie

“We have been using your product, FullConvert, for over a year, and it has proven its ease of use and utility many times over. Thank you for an easy-to-use, powerful utility!”

Jeremy Rogers
Agisent, Inc.

“We love your products here but have just gone thru an acquisition and have done our last data migration for a good long while I suspect. Please cancel this account subscription for now and I will circle back with you if the need ever arises again. Keep up the great work, your products rock!”

Kevin Anderson
President/CEO, Anderson Software, LLC

“I spent my morning looking at Microsoft's SQL Server Replication and after hours of playing I still have no idea how to even get started with it. I just trialled your software now and it's straightforward to figure out without any reading, and I cloned my DB within minutes. So, I must - congratulations to you guys on such a slick product. I'm impressed.”

Stuart McKenzie
Igneous Tech

“This tool is amazing and the interface is extremely simple to use. I looked and used several other products and yours is by far the most impressive.”

James Efurd
West Florida Electric

“I must say your user interface cuts to the chase, offers easy selection of source & destination, is extremely easy to use and gets on with the task. It beavered away on some ~100 tables, some with ~400K records & came up with the goods. Congratulations.”

Terry Dillon
Teedee Computing Services

“While the SQL Tran product is probably overkill for our current needs, I have to admit that is a pretty impressive tool! It's one thing to convert objects like tables, but also routines and triggers across different database platforms; wow!”

James Kaina
Vice President of R&D, Hawaii Western Management Group

“Thanks for the quick response. You have a great product that I have used for many years!”

Scott Wachter
SRW Consulting

“During Q4 of 2009 I was involved in a very large conversion project from MySQL Server to SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. The database I converted from MySQL was from 40GB to about 500 GB. The support provided by Spectral Core was fantastic, second to none. I have no issues recommending this product without which it would have taken my conversion project much much longer to complete and I wanted to specially thank Damir Bulic for providing one of the best customer support I've ever encountered.”

Dave Shrestha
IT Engineering, Oracle/SQL DBA, intel (r) Corporation

“Your app is fantastic; not having to write my own imports and exports has been a great time saver!!”

Scott Mayo

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