Firebird to Progress database conversion

Here is how Full Convert converts Firebird database to Progress.

First look at Full Convert

Welcome screen

Firebird to Progress database conversion using Full Convert is simple and easy. All it takes are a few quick steps:

  • Connect to your source and target databases
  • If you don't want to copy everything, deselect some tables
  • Start the conversion and enjoy looking at the progress. Very fast!
  • Explore your new data in the target database. We even have a built-in database explorer

When we start Full Convert, you will notice a welcome panel with links for common tasks. Let"s start a new conversion.

Click the New database copy project button to get started.

Connection to source Firebird database

Initial screen shows you that Full Convert will automatically detect your database if you don"t know which one do you have. Of course, if you do know your database, do select it from the list on the left.

We will choose Firebird from the list of available database formats.

In the server field we need to type the name or IP address of the Firebird server. If you have Firebird installed on the local machine, where Full Convert is running, you can leave the server field blank. Username and password we don't need to touch in most cases as Full Convert pre-fills the "magic" values which opens all Firebird databases.

If Firebird is on this machine, we can now simply click ellipsis (...) button to select FDB database file. If the file is on remote machine, you need to type the path to the file as remote server sees it. So, if the file is in C:\t\ folder on your server, you need to write the full path, for example: C:\t\filename.FDB.

Connection to target Progress database

List on the left shows all the databases which can be filled with your source database data. Select the one you need and fill-in required parameters.


Project wizard review

This is a helpful review screen. If you have the Ultimate version, you can even select how many tables you wish to convert in parallel, to maximize the speed of conversion.

Click the Finish button to show the project overview screen, where you can save the project or even just start the conversion right away.

Project overview

Project overview

All tables are selected for conversion by default. In case you only need some tables, simply deselect the ones you don"t need.

If you're feeling adventureous, you can change project options here or even adjust the conversion parameters for each table separately.

Conversion progress

Data copying from source to target

Conversion is highly-optimized to run as fast as possible, yet provides top-notch reliability.

Ultimate version reaches incredible speed by doing up to 16 jobs in parallel!

  • Running your custom pre-conversion SQL scripts, if any
  • Creating all selected tables in your target database
  • Copying data
  • Applying indexes
  • Applying foreign key constraints
  • Running your custom post-conversion SQL scripts, if any

Firebird to Progress conversion summary

Conversion summary

Here you will see basic conversion statistics, such as number of tables and records copied to target database.

If there were any warnings or errors during conversion, you will be able to examine them in detail.

Finally, complete SQL log is available for you if you need it. This feature can be enabled in project options screen.

Examining copied tables in the Progress database

Target database browser

If you would like to take a look at the tables you just copied, we have a built-in database browser.

All the tables in the target database are listed on the left. You can expand any of them to see the structure (columns, indexes and foreign keys).

Of course, you can also look at the data in each table to make sure everything is copied correctly.


This small tutorial shows how easy it is to convert Firebird to Progress using Full Convert.

If you like what you see, please purchase Full Convert at our site. Delivery is instant via email, and with 60 day money-back guarantee there is no risk in purchasing.

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