Teradata Database is a highly scalable relational database widely used for large data warehouse operations.

Teradata uses advanced hybrid row/column table storage, CPU vector commands and query parallelization for significant speedups. Its scalability is impressive - it supports databases up to 234PB in size and can have up to 2048 nodes.

Full Convert supports Teradata database directly.

Teradata data types we support


bigint, byteint, integer, smallint


decimal (number, numeric), double, float (real, double precision)


char, clob, varchar


byte (bytes), varbyte (vargraphic)


date, time, timestamp, timestamp with time zone

Large objects

blob, clob, geography, xml


interval day to second, interval year to month, json

Export Teradata database

It may make sense to migrate your data away from Teradata. You may want to do it permanently or just need to share your tables with a collague in a different format.

We will copy all your tables with their data and apply indexing and relationships exactly as they are in your current Teradata database. In a nutshell, you get exactly the same database in another database engine. Each time you run the migration, we will copy all the tables again. Of course, we have a built-in scheduler, so you can run this overnight and have a fresh database copy in the morning.

Take a look at the quick tutorials below to see how it's done.

Import data into Teradata database

Additionally, if you want to import data on a regular basis and do not want to recreate the whole target database from scratch every time, but rather do tiny targeted sync of only changes since the last run, please use Full Convert Pro or Ultimate.

Take a look at the quick tutorials below to see how it's done.